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 With the expertise of your First Investment Services Representative and the convenience of a full-service firm at your command, achieving financial independence can be more than just a dream.  We're ready to help you turn your financial goals into a reality.

Your First Investment Services Representative is prepared to assist you with a broad selection of products through Investment Professionals, Inc.:

Mutual Funds Life Insurance
Unit Investment Trusts   Long-Term Care Insurance
Fixed and Variable Annuities IRA's and Roth IRA's
Stocks  Fee-Based Asset Management
Bonds  Exchange-Traded Funds (EFT's)


Roth IRA Conversion

This calculator can help you determine whether you should consider converting to a Roth IRA.

Estate Taxes

Use this calculator to estimate the federal estate taxes that could be due on your estate after you die.

Federal Income Tax

This calculator can help you estimate your annual federal income tax liability.

Savings Goals

How much do you need to save each year to meet your long-term financial goals?

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Health Savings Accounts and Your Retirement

An HSA could play a role in a longer-term retirement strategy because of three powerful tax benefits.

Meet the Greeks: Alpha and Beta

This article explains how alpha and beta measures can be used to compare investments.

Retirement Risks to Consider

The road to a comfortable retirement is full of risks, and they don’t end when you stop working.

S Corp vs. C Corp

From time to time businesses may want to revisit whether the current organizational structure is meeting its needs.

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